HIDIVE allows for the setting of Parental Controls to block content that is not suitable for users under the age of 18. This setting will block the viewership of content that is TV-MA, R, or Similar or Unrated content.

This setting is located per profile in the Streaming Settings of the Edit Profile section. This Checkbox setting will allow you to "Show Mature Content" on HIDIVE. If this option is unchecked, titles rated higher than TV-14 (or similar) will be restricted from viewing.

The primary profile of the HIDIVE account, the first profile created, has the ability to manage this setting for other profiles. Secondary profiles (Second or Third profile on the account) are not able to manage this setting. If the Primary Profile has a secret PIN applied at login, this setting may be setup to manage the parental controls for the entire account.

iOS & tvOS

This setting is also available on iOS and tvOS profile settings management.


Are you being blocked by Parental Controls even though you have appropriately applied the setting? There is a chance that this setting has been slow to update. Try the following steps to attempt to set the setting again:

  • Log out of your account & login again - Check the setting is applied
  • Is this setting already selected if you check our website? Click SAVE from our website again just to be sure! Then Restart the HIDIVE app you are using and check if it is working.
  • Try waiting 10 minutes and try again
  • Still having an issue? Send in a Customer Service Ticket for assistance.