1. Why do I see ratings from both MyAnimeList and HIDIVE?
    • We’ve partnered with MyAnimeList (“MAL”) so their comprehensive rating system is available on HIDIVE! We’re teaming up to provide fans with a better anime experience.
  2. Why should I take the time to rate shows on HIDIVE?
    • You have a voice and the rating system gives you a say. Rating a show will help us know which shows you like, and assist in finding your next favorite anime.
  3. How do I score a show on MAL through the HIDIVE website?
    • At this time you can’t directly provide a MAL score from HIDIVE. To rate a show, click the “Rate on MAL” button. You will be redirected to MAL, where you can input your score and review.
  4. Does the HIDIVE star-rating affect the MAL rating or vice versa?
    • The ratings do not impact one another. Each rating system is independent.
  5. Do I have to give two separate ratings?
    • Only if you want to! That said, we encourage you to use both rating systems.
  6. What kind of rating system does HIDIVE have? How is it different from MAL’s?
    • MAL uses an aggregated scoring system from 1-10. Our rating system is based on 1-5 stars and is then averaged across user-profiles and displayed on each show’s title page. Any half-star ratings you see on HIDIVE are the result of this calculation.
  7. Who can rate a show on HIDIVE?
    • Any current subscriber who is logged into one of their profiles can rate a show with our scoring system.
  8. How do I rate a show on HIDIVE?
    1. Log into your account and choose a profile
    2. Choose a show and click on the title’s graphic
    3. Click the stars underneath the show’s title to rate it from 1-5
  9. Can I change my rating of a title?
    • Yes! Click on the blue pencil icon to the right of the stars to edit your current rating. You can rate a show once per HIDIVE profile, but you can edit that rating any time you wish. For MAL ratings, please refer to their rating policy.
  10. How do I know if I’ve already rated a series on HIDIVE?
    • Next to the starred HIDIVE rating, you’ll see “Your Rating” and the score you gave that title. If it appears blank (-), you have not rated that title yet. 
  11. If I delete one of my HIDIVE profiles, will that delete any of the ratings I gave?
    • Nope! Your rating will be retained. 
  12. Can I rate a show on one of your apps?
    • At this time, shows are only available to rate through our website.

Rating Discrepancies

  • In some cases, one version of a show may be different from another version and have a separate rating. (Broadcast vs. home video, original cut vs. director's cut, etc.)
  • The rating of a particular episode might be different from the overall series rating. One episode might have more racy content than the other episodes.