Sharing Chat Rooms!

HIDIVE has created a Sharable Direct Link which may be used when you create a Chat Room. Users no longer need to “Find” their friend's chat. Share the link directly with your friends so they may hop right into your chatroom. 

Shared Chats are available to Subscribers that have Chat Enabled on their current profile.


How to Create a Shared Chat

On the HIDIVE Website, on your PC, Laptop, or Mobile Browsers, you may create a chat room. 

You will see a “Chat Now” button, located in the lower left-hand corner of the video player, which will open up the Chat Menu.

Create a Shared Chat

  • Click Chat Now

  • To join a Chat you must “Accept” our Chat Rules.
  • Click ‘Create a Chat Room’


Share the Chatroom with your Friends.

  • Click on the sharing icon, labeled “Chat With Friends”


  • You may share the link directly to your Social Media account (if you are logged in on the current browser) 

  • Or you may copy the direct URL

  • Share the URL with your friends



How to Join a Shared Chat

Join the chat with your friend by clicking the Shared Link URL they have provided you. You will need to accept our Chat Rules to Join the Chat. After you have accepted the Chat Rules ( - Click OK on the Blue Banner, and then click the Blue “Accept” button from the Chat Room) you will be automatically joined to your friends' chat!

Shared Chat Message

Chat Room Rules & Accept Feature


Need Help with a Shared Chat?

Are you having trouble Joining a Shared Chat? Here are some reasons why you may not be able to join:

  • You are not logged into HIDIVE
  • You are not an active subscriber on HIDIVE
  • Chat is not enabled on your Profile
  • The chat room you are attempting to join is no longer active.

Here are the solutions for the above troubleshooting steps:


  • General Setup Requirements: 
    1. Logged Into HIDIVE
    2. Subscribed to HIDIVE
    3. Chat Enabled on your current Profile
  • (!) After you complete the requirements, Click the Shared Chat Link URL from your friend to be redirected to the Chat Room.

How to Login:

  • Login from one of the following Login Menus such as:

How to Subscribe:

How to Enable Chatting:

  • Update your profile from Enable Chat:

    • If you are viewing the Video Player Page, click Enable Chat:
    • Select “Fix my settings” from the popup.
  • Update your profile from Edit Profile:
    • Click your Avatar
    • Select “Edit Profile”
  • Update your Chat Settings from the Edit Profile screen:
    • Select “Enable Chat Profile”
    • Fill out the Chat Profile Details
    • Birthday: Must be over 13 years old
    • Chat User Name: Must be unique in our system.
    • Click Save

(!) Now that you have completed the requirements, Click the Shared Chat Link URL from your friend to be redirected to the Chat Room.

What about when the Chat is no longer active?

If the chatroom has been closed by your friend, you can no longer join their chat room. However, you can create your own chat room and share it with your friends!