At the present, components of our website go into a maintenance mode to improve performance. You may experience a service interruption around the following hours: (CST)


Downtime windows:


Daily updates:

  •  3:00 am
  •  4:00 am
  •  5:00 am

A server will go into maintenance mode at the above hourly increments for updates. The rest of our servers will remain operational. You will receive a maintenance message if you happen to be connected to an impacted server. There is no way to determine or modify which server you will be connected to at any given time.


Patch updates (Monday – Friday)

  • Between 7:00 am and 9:00 am

We designate this timeframe to implement major patches and updates. Typically, these patches are done on Tuesdays, but they could be done on any other day of the business week. Desktop users will typically see a 15 minutes count down window before these updates happen.


Impact to HIDIVE app users (Error 69):

  • If using a HIDIVE application during a maintenance period, you will likely receive an error with the number 69


Services should typically be restored usually within 15 minutes to 1 hour from the time that you receive this message.