You have found the HIDIVE video troubleshooting FAQ. We are very unhappy to hear that you are experiencing playback issues with our service, and we want to resolve your issues as soon as possible so you may get back to your HIDIVE experience!

Maybe you are experiencing one of the following possible errors:

  • Robot-voice error messages

  • Neverending blue loading graphic

  • Slow loading of the video player

  • Buffering in the video

  • Poor video quality

If so, please consult the guides below to find a resolution.

Robot Voice Error Message

Have you seen this message? 

This error message occurs most often when the internet connection is disrupted after the video has started playing. Causes of this may be:

  • Internet connection was lost.

    • Reconnect to your internet service

    • Click the “Click here to reload this page” button

  • Utilizing a VPN service; turning the service on or off can cause this message. 

    • Click the “Click here to reload this page” button

  • Service interruption due to a system update 

    • Click the “Click here to reload this page” button

Loading Graphic

If you see the loading graphic for more than 2 seconds, the video may have failed to load. 

To resolve this issue, refresh the page. The video will attempt to load again.

Slow Loading of the Video and Buffering in the Video

Errors related to buffering and slow loading are more generic errors. Please review the following troubleshooting steps:

  1. Verify that the network you are using will allow streaming

    1. Are you on a public network, such as a school, hotel, hospital or work? Check with your network administrator to ensure that streaming is permitted.

    2. It is common for cellular services to have slow connection speeds. Try a different network to see if your issue is resolved.

  2. Verify your connection speed on a site such as

    1. For 1080P videos, we recommend 13.5 megabits per second download

    2. For 720P videos, we recommend 11 megabits per second download

    3. For 480P videos, we recommend 3.5 megabits per second download

    4. For 360P videos, we recommend 1.8 megabits per second download

  3. Restart your device

  4. Restart your Home Network

  5. Determine if the issue is with the Wireless connection. Try connecting to your internet service via an ethernet cable. If the issue resolves itself, you may have an issue with your router. Contact your service provider for more details.

  6. Determine if the issue is with your device: Try various devices where HIDIVE is available, and see if the issue persists. Sometimes even swapping browsers, or using an incognito mode may have different results.

  7. Turn off all Browser Extensions; such as browser Ad Blockers. Is an extension causing an interference?

  8. Connect to a different internet connection and try again

  9. Improve your WIFI signal:

    1. Move your router to a new location.

    2. Elevate your router from the floor if applicable

I did all of these, and I am still having issues with my connection: please contact HIDIVE support.