Unable to Login to HIDIVE


Are you having difficulty logging into your HIDIVE Account? Does the page refresh after you enter your credentials, instead of authenticating your user ID and Password? Have your recent login issues started after October 1st, 2020? Do you primarily use Google Chrome browser to use HIDIVE?


If you are experiencing the issues above, you may be encountering a side effect of a recent update on the HIDIVE Website. Since our rollout, it is possible that your browser is reading the pre-rollout site from your browser cache.


Here are some helpful tips which may resolve this issue for you:


Rebooting the browser may resolve the issue, but failing that, try the following steps:

  • Clear browser cache and any cookies and try again

  • If that does not work, use the following Chrome tool to clear your DNS cache: chrome://net-internals/#dns

Identify if you are having a Browser Specific Issue:

  • Try logging into HIDIVE on a different browser or device

  • Try logging into HIDIVE using an Incognito Window

If you continue to experience login issues after you have completed the above steps, please contact HIDIVE Support.


Include as many details as you can, so we may best support you and get you logged into your account quickly.