Ad Blockers and other unidentified browser extensions enabled on your web browser could possibly kill the web page scripts and render the links unclickable. Typically this will cause the subscription modal options to become unclickable or it will prevent you from continuing to the next web page.

This issue has typically been resolved by either disabling your extensions during the account sign up process, adding to your whitelist in your Ad blocker settings, or by using an alternative browser to complete the sign up process. 

After you successfully create your account, please contact our support team and confirm the following.

  • Which web browser were you using to sign up for service?
  • Did you have an ad blocker or another extension enabled on your web browser of choice? 
  • If so, which one? 
  • If so, did disabling it and refreshing your page resolve your issue? 
  • Did using an alternative web browser resolve your issue?
  • If so, which one? 

HIDIVE Support