Quick Reference:

  • A promo code is defined as a alpha numeric key code that entitles a user with one month of complimentary access to HIDIVE's streaming service. 
  • Unless indicated otherwise, promo code users will not be eligible for a  day free trial.
  • Existing and returning subscribers may apply a promo code from https://www.hidive.com/signup/promotion
  • Promo code benefits are non transferable and will expire if you cancel your subscription or upgrade to an annual subscription plan prior to the end of your promotional bill cycle. 
  • You will incur a charge of $4.99 USD/MO once your promo code benefit expires. 
  • You may see a temporary authorization hold of $4.99 on your bank statement when you add or update a method of payment on your account, however, you won't receive your first charge until after your promotional code credit is exhausted. 
  • You can only use promo codes on monthly subscriptions. 


  • First time and returning subscribers who select the monthly billing subscription plan are currently eligible to use a promo code
  • The annual subscription option is not eligible to be combined with any additional discounts or promotions at this time. 
  • Customers who manage their billing through iTunes are not eligible to use a promo code at this time. 
  • You must have an active method of payment on file to use a promo code.
  • Additional restrictions may apply.

How to Apply:

1.) Promo codes may only be redeemed during the sign up process from https://www.hidive.com/signup/promotion

2.) In order to redeem a code, you must select the monthly subscription plan. 

3.) Enter your email address, password, promo code, and payment credentials..

How to Confirm:

You can always confirm that your promo code was successfully applied by visiting your My Account page.

Check your REMAINING CREDIT section. Any number higher than $0 means that you have a credit balance on your account associated with a promo code. 


You may have received validation error for some of the following reasons:

  • You already have an active account and attempted to apply a promo code restricted to new and returning customers only
  • You have attempted to apply the promo code to an annual subscription 
  • You attempted to apply the promo code and don't have an active payment card on file
  • The promo code has expired
  • You already redeemed the promo code
  • Someone else has already redeemed the promo code
  • You bill is managed through an iTunes account